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United Kingdom UK Living Costs
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UK Living Costs

Typical cost of living in the UK and London

The cost of living in the UK will of course depend on the individual situation of each traveller, but you still need to be prepared financially. This page should give you a general idea about living costs in London; expenses in other parts of the UK are typically around a third less than expenses in London.

You can use the currency convertor tool on this website to convert these amounts to Iranian Rials.

Average Cost of Accommodation in London

Flat-Share Rental per month One Bedroom Flat Rental per month
East London £290 - £390 (single), £430 - £600 (double) East London £650 - £750
West London £280 - £430 (single), £459 - £690 (double) West London £700 - £800
South London £280 - £500 (single), £350 - £650 (double) South London £600 - £700
North London £300 -£400 (single), £430 - £550 (double) North London £650 - £750
Central London £450 -£580 (single), £500 - £750 (double) Central London £750 - £850

UK cost of Food & Drink

Average weekly grocery bill (including food, basic laundry and toiletry items for 2 people) £60
Average restaurant meal £12 - £20
Average meal for two in mid-priced restaurant £40

You may also find it useful to check out the websites of UK shops and supermarkets that sell a range of products, such as www.tesco.com, www.debenhams.com and www.argos.co.uk as this can give you a basic idea of prices for food, clothing and other essentials you will need throughout your stay in the UK.

UK cost of Transportation

Weekly Zone 1-6 Travelcard £41
Monthly Zone 1-2 Travelcard £86
Train trip to Edinburgh £110 (standard single)
Train trip to Cambridge / Brighton £17 - £20 (single)
Avg mid-sized car rental for a weekend £70
Return budget flight to Spain £120 - £150 (budget carrier)
Eurostar return ticket to Paris £125 (standard class)
Return flight to Ireland £50 - £60 (budget carrier)

UK cost of Entertainment

Cinema £7-£10
West End Theatre £25+
Live music/concerts £10+
Chart CDs £8 - £12
New release DVD rental £3.50

Initial Costs

There are also some initial costs which you should consider before arriving in the UK. You should take into account the costs of transport and hotel stay while you look for accomodation in the first few weeks. In order to rent a flat, usually 1 month's rent is required in advance and 4-6 week's worth of rent is needed as a 'deposit' that will be kept until the end of your contract to account for any damages.

Other costs may include internet set-up fees, mobile phone line and bus/tube travelcards.


(Source:  workgateways.com)

£650 - £750

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